Sarah Jorges is a marketing account executive and co-host of the morning show on Energy 106.7 FM. Born and raised in Newton, Sarah returned to her hometown after a decade in Omaha, where she enjoyed a career in nursing. Sarah volunteers on various committees and is an ambassador to the Newton Chamber of Commerce.

Why did you choose to live in Newton?

I love the sense of community in Newton. It feels safe, like home.

What is a professional accomplishment you’re proud of?

I’m especially proud of developing The Real Housepets of Jasper County. This weekly feature has created significant awareness for the Jasper County Animal Rescue League.

What is Newton’s best-kept secret?

Our beautiful parks and recreational facilities. I missed the trees when I moved away.

What’s an upcoming project you are excited to work on?

The radio station is tying in with a number of charitable events during the holidays that I’m very excited about. KCOB’s Halloween program is always very rewarding.

What do you think people should get to know about Newton?

Newton offers many community events for families to enjoy. We are proud of our schools, of our Cardinals. I also, think people would benefit from getting to know our first responders.

How is Newton preparing for the future?

Creating new housing in place of dangerous, dilapidated homes. Also, building a brand new middle school. Meanwhile, the city is pro-actively combating some of the area’s degenerative tree diseases such as Ash bore and Oak blight, by planting new species.