Miranda started her first term on Newton City Council in January 2016.  Miranda is a Production Supervisor at Thombert, Inc. in Newton. In addition to Newton City Council, Miranda serves on the following boards:  Chamber of Commerce, Thunder Nites in Newton, Rotary Club and as an ex-officio with Newton Development Corporation.  She is also involved in numerous steering committees focused on veterans, education, wellness and supporting our youth.

Q: What do you think people should “get to know” about Newton?

A: I think that people should get to know all of the exciting things that we have going on!  We have so many unique community events like the Iowa Sculpture Festival, Thunder Nites and Newton Fest, to name a few.  These are family oriented events that are unique to our community.  I also think people should get to know our distinctive parks such as Maytag Bowl and Park, Aurora Heights and the Arboretum to name a few.

Q: Why did you choose to move to Newton?

A: I chose to move to Newton from Minnesota because it is a small town with such potential!  Before I moved, I read the Comprehensive Plan for Newton and saw all of the focus the community had on bouncing back after Maytag left.  This intrigued me and excited me about the future of this community.  Immediately after I moved, I was a part of the 4th of July festivities and the unveiling of the Veteran’s Memorial at the Courthouse.  This was a very moving event and solidified my decision to move to Newton.

Q: Why should business and industry consider Newton?

A: Newton is an ideal place for a business to grow and expand.  We are a community with so many possibilities to offer relocating individuals and we have a diverse workforce as well.  From a transportation perspective, we are located right off of Highway 80 and close to Des Moines and Interstate 35.

Q: How is Newton preparing for the future?

 A: Newton has very specific action plans for its future development and to strengthen our community.  The community is updated on these plans through presentations at council meetings on a regular basis.  Newton also has such amazing entities who partner to help achieve these goals on economic development, housing, encouraging tourism and building a stronger community.  For example, we have the Get to Know Newton rebranding campaign and Newton Main Street working to revamp our downtown community.

Q: What is Newton’s best kept secret?

A: I think Newton’s best-kept secret is the people in the community.  When I moved here, I was welcomed by the community and have heard others who have relocated shared the same experience.  Whether you are new to town, just visiting or have been here for decades, you will feel welcome and a part of our community.