Jessica Lowe serves as the Executive Director of the United Way of Jasper County in Newton and is a 2016 finalist for Young Professional Connection and the Des Moines Register’s YP of the Year Awards in the Ashley Oakland Community Service Award category. Jessica spends countless hours working to make the Newton community stronger, including serving as the chair of Friends of Newton Parks and co-chair of Newton Fest.

What do you think people should “get to know” about Newton?

Newton is a wonderful city with lots of great things happening. From Newton Fest, races at the Iowa Speedway, new housing developments, Young Professionals of Jasper County events, and several community betterment projects in the works there is no better time than now to get to know Newton.

Why did you choose to live in Newton?

I choose to live in Newton because of the people. Newton has a wonderful small town feel, where neighbors look out for neighbors. With the close proximity to the Des Moines metro, I can still enjoy all the amenities of a larger city when I choose.

How is Newton preparing for the future?

Newton is working hard to ensure the future is bright for its residents by developing more housing options, building a new middle school, investing in its downtown, attracting better paying jobs and developing its recreational areas. All of these projects continue to make Newton a place for people to enjoy a life that many can only dream about.

What’s an accomplishment you’re proud of?

Newton is a community that allows people to really get involved. I have done just that. I am very proud of my non-profit work, both professionally and personally. Newton citizens really come together to help each other out and I’m proud to be a part of that.

What is Newton’s best-kept secret?

Newton’s best kept secret is the quality of life offered to its residents. It is great it is to be part of a community this size. I love running into people at the grocery store, being able to knock on a neighbor’s door and ask to borrow something, feeling safe in my home or when I’m out walking, and just knowing everyone on a first name basis. People really care about each and are invested in the collective well-being of the community and that is an amazing quality of life to be able to enjoy and you can’t find just anywhere.